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Chess results - vs Claremont High

Danielle Goliath, captain of our Chess team, reports on the match they played against Claremont High school on Friday, 28 February.

5 December 2021

Clothing, blankets and non perishables

5 December 2021

Our Pheobe

Recording with SA Youth Choir

5 December 2021

Anxiety levels in a Pandemic

These days, we all have to accept the anxiety inherent in living in the time of the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19. If there were a way to dispel all anxious feelings, I’d tell you, but there isn’t.

5 December 2021

Tuesday Tales - lone protester long after the fact

It's the month of August, 2020 and the crime against women in South Africa continues unabated. A Grade 10 learner, in reviewing a novel by Chimamanda Adichie for one of her English tasks, reminded us all of the importance of countering oppression right where we are.

5 December 2021

Hockey News!

Some of our hockey enthusiasts have been busy!

5 December 2021

Our Enviroclub transforming spaces!

This past Wednesday our Wynberg Girls' High School Enviroclub set out to Southfield Primary School for a productive day of planting. They, with the help of the Southfield school learners, transformed an area of the school into a garden, in which the learners can now maintain!

We would like to thank @CTEET and @WWF South Africa for funding this project.

5 December 2021

Winner in the Western Cape!

We are delighted to hear that Buyisile Nqubelani remained the top poet in the

I would like to thank the Wynberg community's support with voting in the Competition. I was fortunate enough to stay 1st in the Western Cape for the duration of the competition and accumulated 52642 votes. I have also received R5000 for this achievement which would've not been possible without the support of everyone. I am truly grateful to the Wynberg Community and the rest of our province for helping me grow exponentially in this experience.

Kind Regards

5 December 2021

Final results Maths

5 December 2021