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Matric Music Performance

Four of our Grade 12 Music learners make the most of their last few months together

30 September 2021

Grade 10 'Plant The Seed' Programme

On Thursday 30 September, the Grade 10s participated in the 'Plant the Seed' Programme.

30 September 2021

Grade 8 Upcycling!

As an extension to their LO Sustainability Project, the Grade 8Y learners upcycled objects from home.

30 September 2021

BINGO for Amaqua!

Amaqua were the winners of the Sustainability Bingo challenge that took place in term one this year, and they have finally received their reward!

30 September 2021

Captivated by Zubeida

On Tuesday 28 October, Zubeida Jaffer, award-winning South African Journalist, Author, and Activist, hosted an online discussion with WGHS learners.

30 September 2021

Introducing the Sports Captains, and Heads of Clubs, Societies and Committees for 2022

With much excitement, we officially announce the 2022 elected Captains, Committees, Heads and Chairs of our Clubs and Societies within our Pillars.

28 September 2021

Join Candice's Webinar, 'Unpacking the Discourse of a Fatherless Society'.

Candice Warner, a Social Worker from our Counselling Department and the founder of Centre for Care and Contact will be hosting a webinar and invites all WGHS parents and community to join.

27 September 2021

Happy Birthday Wynberg Girls’ Schools!

Even in trying times, there is always a reason to celebrate and innovate. We were not able to celebrate our Founder’s Day as we have in the past and have discovered new ways of celebrating our 137th birthday!

23 September 2021

Our First Harvest!

Yesterday afternoon, the WGHS Enviro Club eagerly met with some of the Urban Harvest members to begin their first harvest of our Edible Garden.

23 September 2021

Celebrating Sports Achievements

Two of our learners have done exceptionally well in their respective sporting codes.

21 September 2021