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Cavanagh reflects on the Term

We received a jump start into 2020, having won the house cup at the end of 2019 - a victory which had not happened for more than 5 years.

16 March 2020

Time well spent at Maitland Cottage

Creativity, fun, pleasure - what better way to spend an hour on a Saturday?

1 February 2020

Cavanagh's blooming!

What a term this has been for Cavanagh! We have definitely come together in the best way and created a warm environment where girls can come together and serve the house as well as each other.

15 March 2019

Cavanagh Cares

An hour spent laughing, chatting, doing makeovers and playing some heated UNO matches was an hour well spent - to say the least

3 November 2018

Cavanagh Sculpture Challenge

Cavanagh encourages the school to draw on their artistic genius!

27 July 2018

Talking about about Humility

In Cavanagh's thought-provoking assembly on 22 February ("Be Humble Day") Jess Austin, Head of Cavanagh, spoke to the school about Humility. This is what she had to say:

22 February 2018

Members of Cavanagh make new Friends

New friendships arose in the visiting hours at Maitland Cottage, and all are the richer for it.

17 February 2018

Cavanagh House

5 December 2017

Cavanagh enjoys some quality time with the girls of Maitland Cottage!

On the 28 October, 25 girls from Cavanagh enjoyed some quality time with the girls at Maitland Cottage.

28 October 2017

You're officially part of us: welcome to our Grade Eights

On 23 January our Grade Eights were formally welcomed to the school as Wynberg girls.

23 January 2017