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A word from Kirsten

Erin Daries, Head of Kirsten 2019, reports on the achievements of her house this term.

15 March 2019

Kirsten House

5 December 2017

You're officially part of us: welcome to our Grade Eights

On 23 January our Grade Eights were formally welcomed to the school as Wynberg girls.

23 January 2017

Pokemon challenge with Wellesley

Wellesley House creates a Wynberg specific Pokemon House Challenge.

19 August 2016

Moves from the physical to the intellectual - Kirsten's spelling challenge

The Kirsten house challenge took place on Friday during break and took the form of a spelling competition.

15 April 2016

Don't Worry Be Yoncé - Silverlea House Challenge

Silverlea House initiates a Beyonce Challenge...

11 March 2016

Grade 8 Pledge Ceremony - January 2016

On 26 January our Grade Eights were formally welcomed to the school as Wynberg girls. The ceremony is a rite of passage affirming their role in the school, their houses and their tutor group. Parents are invited to witness this significant moment.

26 January 2016

Announcement of 2016 Wynberg Girls' High School Leaders

For weeks, the Grade Elevens have been on tenterhooks as they waited for the announcement of Leaders in 2016. That day finally arrived on 27 August.

27 August 2015

The Interhouse Singing Competition

The Annual Interhouse Singing Competition took place on Thursday 25 June.

25 June 2015

Interhouse Netball and Hockey 2014

On Tuesday the 30 September the whole school gathered with enthusiasm and vigour into their houses to support their teams in one of our annual Interhouse sports day.

30 September 2014