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Surprise Birthday Party at the Hostel!

The Hostel is never short of a good surprise and party, especially when it comes to our House Mom, Sis Flo.

1 September 2020

Waterloo House Mystery Night!

It was a dark, cold, misty and mysterious Saturday night within the walls of the Hostel! The border mistresses on duty treated the borders to a night of fun and mystery ...

19 August 2020

Waterloo wins the House Cup for Term 1

Waterloo wins the House Cup at the end of Term 1

15 March 2019

Fierce Competition for the House Cup...

Congratulations to Waterloo, who won the House Cup at the end of this term.

Elated Head of House, Yumna Ederies and House Co-ordinator, Mr Andrew Hunter leapt to their feet when it was announced that they had won the House Cup. Waterloo House roared their approval as Yumna received the cup on their behalf.

28 March 2018

Waterloo's Great South African Quiz Challenge

Mental and physical energy put to the test in Waterloo's South African General Knowledge challenge!

9 March 2018

Waterloo House

6 December 2017

You're officially part of us: welcome to our Grade Eights

On 23 January our Grade Eights were formally welcomed to the school as Wynberg girls.

23 January 2017

Pokemon challenge with Wellesley

Wellesley House creates a Wynberg specific Pokemon House Challenge.

19 August 2016

Don't Worry Be Yoncé - Silverlea House Challenge

Silverlea House initiates a Beyonce Challenge...

11 March 2016

Grade 8 Pledge Ceremony - January 2016

On 26 January our Grade Eights were formally welcomed to the school as Wynberg girls. The ceremony is a rite of passage affirming their role in the school, their houses and their tutor group. Parents are invited to witness this significant moment.

26 January 2016