Relationships are also fostered within the Grades through the Academic Curriculum. At Wynberg we encourage involvement, pride and school spirit. We offer personalised attention. We listen. We debate. We push you to expand your horizons. We believe in gaining a broad foundation of knowledge about the wider world.


While the school is organised into House Tutor Groups to foster relationships across the school, and to enable staff to identify and understand problems and achievements quickly, most of the academic time is spent with the grade. A number of grade-specific issues arise, and there is a particular focus in each grade:

Grade 8

Belonging – getting to know your school and your peers

Grade 9

Establishing and recognising boundaries

Grade 10

Looking at Leadership

Grade 11

Leading the School

Grade 12

Preparing for Tertiary Education and the working world; cementing relationships and creating memories.


Fun, Friendships and Keen Competition in Our Houses

Through our house and tutor group systems the spirit of our school can be found: the development of keen and imaginative competition in the form of house challenges; the developing of rich and enduring relationships over a number of years in their tutor groups and the building of a strong sense of identity and pride in their house - all in the interests of fun - are part of that spirit.

Our school is divided into 8 vibrant houses, each under a senior teacher (the House Coordinator) who is responsible for and takes a keen interest in approximately 120 learners. In addition to the class tutor, each tutor group is led by a Matric Leader whose personality and skills are particularly suited to the support and inspiration needed to create a sense of belonging, to instil pride and encourage school spirit

Azima House

Amaqua House

iKhala House

Mowana House

Ferraria House

Jackalberry House

Aristea House

Marula House

Hostel Waterloo House

The experiences in hostel are skills learnt for life. Girls will develop a significant number of invaluable personal, social and leadership skills.

  • Supervised study on a daily basis.

  • All meals are provided including school lunch.

  • There are organised, supervised outings for the termly boarders.

  • The weekly boarders have the option to be collected after school on a Friday and to be dropped off on Sunday evening by 8pm or by 7.30am on a Monday morning.

  • The girls who board become independent, mature young women.

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