We offer Weekly and Termly boarding at Wynberg Girls’ High School. Our hostel, Waterloo House, is situated within the school grounds to ensure that boarders have complete access to all our school facilities and activities. The hostel can house approximately seventy girls from Grade Eight to Grade Twelve.


Hostel girls have single bedrooms although there are a few rooms available for sharing. The rooms are quaint, wooden-floored and fully furnished. The atmosphere of the hostel is lively, modern and upbeat, and there is a strong sense of unity and warmth amongst the girls.

Catering Management

Waterloo House outsources its catering management, cleaning coordination and procurement to a professional food and services solutions company, Feedem Pitseng. Feedem looks at the youth of today and, in consultation with dietitians, provides nutritionally balanced meals daily for active youths.

Hostel Staff

The hostel staff include: the kitchen staff, who prepare three meals and two teas a day, four boarder mistresses, two matrons and a hostel superintendent. The school principal, Ms Jennifer Wallace, oversees the hostel.

Benefits of boarding

  • Supervised study on a daily basis.
  • All meals are provided including school lunch.
  • There are organised, supervised outings for the termly boarders.
  • The weekly boarders have the option to be collected after school on a Friday and to be dropped off on Sunday evening by 8pm or by 7.30am on a Monday morning
  • The girls who board become independent, mature young women.