We are convinced that learning improves when parents are involved in their daughters’ education, and work in partnership with their teachers.

While parents can expect specialised knowledge, skills and judgement from the teachers to serve their daughters’ educational needs, we hope that parents will invest their time and energy into supporting those efforts and contributing to making the school environment the best possible place for them.

Wynberg Girls’ High is a richly resourced school, and is so because of years of commitment from the partnerships she has enjoyed from parents, learners, staff and past pupils. We are custodians of this legacy for a short period and need to honour that responsibility.


The Wynberg Alumnae is run by a wonderful group of dedicated and innovative past pupils.

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Parents' Association

A dedicated and enthusiastic team of parents who assist with a number of projects throughout the year.

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An extended family

A Wynberg girl joins a large extended family; richly diverse, each member with her special interests and talents.

The House system encourages each learner to bond with other members of her tutor group and to acknowledge and celebrate her achievements, and support her when necessary.

This small group provides the basis on which her family and connection to her school is built. When leaving school, we hope that past pupils will continue to value the education they received from their alma mater, and that they too will continue to invest in, monitor and protect the quality of that education.