While all parents are automatically part of the Parents Association, there is an open invitation from us to get actively involved. Wynberg Girls’ High is a richly resourced school and is so because of years of commitment from the partnerships she has enjoyed from parents, learners, staff and past pupils. We are custodians of this legacy for a short while. Let’s do it well together.

How you can help as a parent

  • Service in the daily running of the school

    Parents who pray - a small group of Christian parents meet on Friday mornings at 7:20 to pray for the needs of the school.
    A wonderful group of Grade 8 mums are responsible for providing and arranging the beautiful flowers seen in the foyer, front office and Principal’s office.

  • Giving Donations (financial or in kind)

    We could use this to contribute to our bursary fund; we could continue to keep our classes small, attract top teaching staff; we could continue developing and maintaining our infrastructure; honour our commitment to adopting sustainable and environmentally sound practices - these are just some of the ways your contribution could make a difference.

  • Offer your professional skills

    Giving of your time and expertise contribute immeasurably to our growth as a school.

  • Support Fundraising Initiatives

    MySchool, MyVillage, MyPlanet - one of South Africa's biggest fundraising programmes. Every time you use your card at any of the partner stores they give back a percentage of your purchase value, on your behalf, to us at absolutely no cost to you!

Join the Parents Association

2020 Projects

  • Continued removal of Asbestos guttering, downpipes and overhead tanks

    The guttering, downpipes & overhead tanks will be completed in 2020

  • Continued work on the intimate performance space for our Musicians

    We will continue with the work done on the refurbishing of Music Room 7. The testing of the acoustics; soundproofing and provision of appropriate lighting for this performance venue are projects we will be addressing in 2020.

  • Complete refurbishment of our Gym

    A complete refurbishment of our Gym is expected take place in the first term of 2020.

  • Cavan Road Clubhouse

    While some of the development work on the Cavan Road Clubhouse has taken place, the removal of asbestos and enlarging the ablution facilities, extension of the tuckshop, enclosure of the balcony and the laying of new asphalt are all needing to be completed.

  • Garden and landscaping

    Our EnviroClub are in the process of a water-wise, permaculture vegetable garden and their vision is to create a sustainable, self regenerating food forest that will be sensitive to our environment and teach us all many lessons. A windsock, weathervane and sundial are part of the vision for our Enviro Garden.

  • Refurbishment of Laboratories

    The laboratories are needing to be upgraded so that they meet the needs of 21st Century students of the Sciences. Investigations of how this should be done will begin next year, and it's hoped that this upgrading will become part of our plans for 2021.

  • Replacement and upgrading of Windows

    Continued work on the replacing of the windows in the school: planned for 2020 will be the rooms facing Caven Road (our English and Computer Lab Blocks and the Counselling Department) and the Tech Room, Seminar Room and Tuckshop area in 2021.

  • Refurbishment of the Aileen Currie Hall

    A long-term development project for the school will be the Aileen Currie Hall, which was built for far fewer students than currently attend our school.

  • Community Projects

    Wool for Wonders - A challenge run by the past pupils to knit jerseys, beanies blankets and teddies for those in need of them.

  • Service to the daily running of the school

    Involvement at the school; Christian Prayer Group.